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We are devoted at providing high-quality medical care to patients whenever and wherever they are. Our mission is to enrich lives by making the latest medical services accessible at the palm of your hand.

What Our Patients Say?

I was not satisfied, after multiple visits to physicians here. Thank you Doctor for everything. I already feel much better after few days of treatment. I appreciated your medical consultation, online.

– Switzerland

I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to His Excellency the Lebanese Professor Fouad Khoury, who performed my surgery with great success. I am also thankful to him for his sense of humanity as he continued to follow up on my case even after I went back to Iraq. I found this noble act as the practical application of the priceless humanitarian message of medicine.

– Iraq

Dr. Fouad saved me from the disease. He is a Wiseman with good moral. If I praise him, I praise science. And I ask the Lord to give him glory and security. I send him my best wishes.

– Bagdad

Test Your Prostate Symptoms

The international prostate symptoms score (IPSS) is a questionnaire of 7 questions to calculate the severity of your prostate symptoms.

Our Specialization
Robotic surgery
Robotic technology allows the surgeon to perform through the robot very precise and meticulous gestures with utmost accuracy; thus leading to excellent functional outcomes and very quick recovery as no painful incisions are made.
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Laparoscopic surgery
Laparoscopic surgery allows the surgeon to perform complex surgeries through small incisions. Recovery is very quick and with minimal pain as tiny incisions are being made. Very minimal scarring and quite esthetic.
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Prostate Laser surgery
Laser surgery for the prostate is a revolution that allows us to perform surgeries to the prostate while the patient is on blood thinners without the need to stop them, especially in patients who need to be continuously on such medications like Aspirin etc.
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Stone Laser surgery
Laser surgery for kidney stones eradicates the need to perform painful incisions in order to remove kidney stones and gives the advantage of being very accurate and incision free in most cases.
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Sexual Health
Sexual dysfunction in men.
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Weight Loss Clinic
Excess weight is associated with many comorbid conditions, such as heart disease, cholesterol imbalances, diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome..
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Diabetes Care
Worldwide, diabetes is on the rise, majorly due to an unhealthy lifestyle as well as predisposing factors.
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