Medical Tourism

Travel to another country
for medical care.

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism can be defined as the process of traveling outside the country of residence for a short period of time for the purpose of receiving medical care.

Many people find their comfort in consulting doctors in other countries, to benefit from their knowledge and their experience.

Sometimes, the patient tries to make an Online Medical Consultation before coming; but he doesn’t get a full satisfaction and feel the need to build a direct connection with the doctor to discuss his case.

The reasons that motivate the patient to take this step are:

-The difficulty of direct communication in his country with specialized doctors, or the impossibility of obtaining the required medical services.

-The health service he needs is either not present in his country, or is not developed as it is in the other country.

-Lack of trust in the health services available in his country.

-Benefiting from the knowledge and experience of genius doctors with a clean reputation in the other country.

-The desire to obtain another opinion outside his country.

-Follow-up to a previous medical consultation that was conducted remotely with a doctor in the other country.

Medical Tourism in Lebanon

Lebanon was known as the “Hospital of the Middle East” in healthcare, and the “Switzerland of the Middle East” in tourism.

Lebanon is an International Destination for Medical Tourism, especially for Arab countries.

Medical tourism is a priority for Lebanon, and the country remains a regional leader in healthcare.

Lebanon is considered as a hub for medical treatment in the MENA-GCC Countries, for the proximity of distance, language, and culture; and offers high-quality medical services at affordable prices.

Facts that make Lebanon the international country for medical tourism:

• Academic excellence for accreditation and certification
• Highly Qualified Medical Staff
• Geographic Location
• International Standards in Hotel Facilities
• Experienced Travel Agents
• Quality and Affordable Healthcare
• Multi-Lingual Staff (Arab, English, French)
• High Nurse-to-Patient Ratio
• Availability of Hospital Beds

Medical Tourism in Belgium


Belgium is center of Europe, it’s a developed country with an advanced high-income economy; it has very high standards of living, quality of life, healthcare, and education.

Belgium has very advanced technologies for medical care; our urologist Dr. Fouad Khoury is a scientific director at ORSI; the biggest robotic surgery training center worldwide. Because of the excellence of this medical center, we encourage patients to undergo complex procedures in Belgium, where we can find expertise in robotic surgery; that gives a faster recovery compared to classical surgery, so people accompanying the patient can benefit from medical tourism in Belgium.

Also, Dr. Fouad works as an expert in Rezum at EpiCURA Mon Hôpital Site De Ath offers comprehensive care. for patients with memory problems.

Let’s add that there are people who speak Arabic to accompany the patients and their companion.

Epicura Mon Hopital
Dr. Fouad Khoury Epicura Mon Hôpital
Dr. Fouad Khoury Epicura Mon Hôpital Rezum

Why did Arab countries use to go to Lebanon for treatment?

Thousands of patients from neighboring Arab countries; especially Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia used to go to Lebanon for seeking medical treatment. In these countries, patients suffer from several medical conditions, but recently we found that urologic and sexual problems in men are the most frequent medical problems.
Several patients from Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia come to Lebanon to treat their sexual dysfunction especially erectile dysfunction (ED): difficulty to get or keep an erection suitable for sexual relations or any other sexual activity.

Arab men suffering from erectile dysfunction find it hard to deal with this sexual problem; so they find their comfort in receiving treatment in Lebanon with the most specialized and professional doctors, to continue a normal sexual life and avoid relationship problems.

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Why Modern Care?

In Modern Care Clinic we can meet our Urology and Sexual Health Expert; who will be able to find the appropriate treatment to avoid living in a sexual taboo.

In this clinic, the patient can find his comfort by discussing his case with the doctor and by receiving high quality medical care.

Modern Care Clinic offers Medical Tourism packages, which include: treatment, visa, and hotel accommodation, at best cost versus quality of service, to encourage the patient to travel.
We also facilitate the procedure for the patient and deliver recreational activities for family members who accompany the patient.



Our motto at Modern Care Clinic is “Your health is our priority”

Therefore, we provide you with a unique medical experience that you will enjoy, and our interest in you is imprinted with a high level of quality, as:

-We choose doctors who are specialized and experienced in enhancing the lifestyle of individuals, to join our medical network.

-We treat you in advanced hospitals that perform complex surgeries and control critical illnesses.

-For your convenience, we assign a specialized medical assistant who performs all medical transactions within the hospital.

We also guarantee you:

-Less time to recover from the effects of surgery, even difficult ones.

-Minimal medical problems and errors before surgery, and complications after it.

-Not paying any additional costs.

-Using the latest medical technologies.

Special Treatments

Sexual Problems Treatments

Penile Prosthesis

PRP For Erectile dysfunction

Male Infertility

Weight loss & Obesity

Prostate Treatments


Robotic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery

Female infertility

We Are One of the Top Consultants in Your Area.

At Modern Care Clinic, we base in depth work with the hospitals, and the medical professionals, and the entities that provide the services needed for your visit. And because your Health is our Priority, We Care with Higher Quality.


How do we achieve that?


  1. We book your trip

  2. We choose Highly qualified and skilled doctors from different specialties to join our network

  3. We treat you in renown hospitals who perform complex surgical procedures and who control critical diseases

  4. We allocate a medical assistant in the hospital to handle all the medical processing

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"I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to His Excellency the Lebanese Professor Fouad Khoury, who performed my surgery with great success. I am also thankful to him for his sense of humanity as he continued to follow up on my case even after I went back to Iraq. I found this noble act as the practical application of the priceless humanitarian message of medicine."

Ghaleb, Iraq

Best Medical center in Lebanon. They took care of everything including hotel reservations, private chauffeur transportation... and most importantly we were well taken care of in the hospital and my husband is cured now

Fatima, Saudi Arabia

My insurance didn't cover my case in Dubai and it was very expensive to pay for the procedure in UAE. At modern care they took care of me and I was able to perform the surgery using latest robotic technology and all of that at 30 percent the price of what I was asked to pay including travel expenses. Amazing experience and great team!!

Fahed, Dubai

Your Modern Healthcare

What We Guarantee

  • Less Recovery time from medical procedures, even from the ones that require very high precision and professional experience
  • Taking care of extra charges, in case the Doctor decides the need for a longer hospital stay and more complex management
  • Reducing to the less minimum, the pre-operative problems, the medical errors and the complications arising from medical interventions
  • Providing the latest medical technologies such as daVinci XI robot, Scars-less laser surgeries, no matter the bad economic situation in Lebanon is