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Well, in this case, a medical second opinion is essential to clear the way for you and bring you confidence and safety.

A second opinion is an important procedure in educating yourself about your health condition. The more you know about your diagnosis, the better chance you have in getting the appropriate treatment.

It is your right to ask for another doctor’s opinion even if you are satisfied with your first doctor’s treatment and procedures.

In fact, having a second opinion helps you feel more confident. You can have a second medical opinion that might lead:
* to enhance your confidence in the diagnosis of your first doctor, so you realize that you and other patients return back to this doctor,
* or to discover a different easier procedure or a more convincing approach at the second doctor.

How do you get a second doctor’s opinion?  This can simply be done, either by visiting him, or through an online consultation, or by medical tourism in case you prefer to travel.

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I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to His Excellency the Lebanese Professor Fouad Khoury, who performed my surgery with great success. I am also thankful to him for his sense of humanity as he continued to follow up on my case even after I went back to Iraq. I found this noble act as the practical application of the priceless humanitarian message of medicine.


– Iraq

I was not satisfied, after multiple visits to physicians here. Thank you Doctor for everything. I already feel much better after few days of treatment. I appreciated your medical consultation, online.


– Switzerland

Dr. Fouad saved me from the disease. He is a Wiseman with good moral. If I praise him, I praise science. And I ask the Lord to give him glory and security. I send him my best wishes.


– Bagdad