Online Consultation? Yes! What is it?


It’s simply a quick, convenient and secure way to electronically contact a doctor and receive advice about your health concerns. Using online consultation, you no more need to wait on the phone or even bother coming a long way to a clinic. It’s another way of consulting a doctor or healthcare.


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What are the benefits of online consults?

Nowadays, and due to various reasons, more demand for doctors is expected to rise. Since this is the era of internet technology, you can utilize the web and get an online doctor consultation.

Better Ways to Check Your Symptoms

Nearly everybody uses technology and it is impossible to stop people from searching the internet for self-diagnosis. So, with virtual doctors you obtain a better chance of identifying your symptoms.

With online consultation, you have the opportunity of consulting trustworthy doctors who can help you understand your problem which might not have any serious condition and thus you can get well after following some precautions or certain medication.

No Need To Travel

We all realize life’s increasing demands, so the less stress the better. With online consultation there is no need to take a bus or fill gas for your car and most importantly, you won’t be stuck in traffic. Accessing a doctor can be time-consuming and difficult, but online consultation makes it easier. No matter how far you may be, online consults facilitate this problem.

Privacy and Security

It is crucial that you feel safe while consulting a doctor and it is important to maintain your privacy. It is essential for patients who suffer from chronic diseases and want this issue to remain private and not discussed in a clinic. Well, with a virtual doctor, you can be confident that you are using a safe system and server.

Comfortable and Convenient

Feeling relaxed when discussing your health issues is extremely important. Instead of waiting for hours in the reception room, now you can sit in the comfort of your home while waiting to talk to a medical professional. Online consults encourage you to ask more questions and makes it easier to bring up sensitive medical topics especially if you are seeking information about your sexual health or erectile dysfunction.

No Infection Risks

Due to this pandemic, some people prefer postponing their appointments and even sometimes cancelling them because of fear of infection from hospitals or clinics. This might create a bigger, more serious health problem. However, by choosing online consultation, you can totally disregard this issue.

No Need to Save All Medical Reports

No more lost exams, no more numerous old medical files; due to technology, these are all saved digitally. Your medical history is stored online for easy future reference.

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I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to His Excellency the Lebanese Professor Fouad Khoury, who performed my surgery with great success. I am also thankful to him for his sense of humanity as he continued to follow up on my case even after I went back to Iraq. I found this noble act as the practical application of the priceless humanitarian message of medicine.


– Iraq

I was not satisfied, after multiple visits to physicians here. Thank you Doctor for everything. I already feel much better after few days of treatment. I appreciated your medical consultation, online.


– Switzerland

Dr. Fouad saved me from the disease. He is a Wiseman with good moral. If I praise him, I praise science. And I ask the Lord to give him glory and security. I send him my best wishes.


– Bagdad