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The well-being of each patient is our goal, we do our best to ensure that our patients benefit from all our services.

Some patients come to Modern Care Clinic when their conditions are complex or extremely unusual, or when common approaches have failed to provide answers or the usual treatments haven’t worked.


Our modern care team diagnose and treat difficult cases in urology and endocrinology to obtain a successful recovery.

You can have access with our doctors by booking an appointment in our clinic, or you can book an online consultation to share your health problem with our Experts.

Wherever you are, you can meet our experts to obtain advanced health service and investigational treatment.

Meet our Urology Expert

Dr. Fouad Khoury

Dr. Fouad Khoury


He is a professional urologist who specializes in the field of uro-oncology, minimally invasive surgery, and robotic surgery.

He treats and diagnoses problems involving the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs.

He provides a high-quality medical care to patients whenever and wherever they are.

Meet our Endocrinology Expert

Dr. Rawan Saab

Dr. Rawan Saab


Dr. Rawan Saab, specialist in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism; diagnoses and treats all the metabolic and hormonal disorders, diabetes, and thyroid disease.

Meet our Sexual Health Expert

Dr. Fouad Khoury

Dr. Fouad Khoury

Urologist / Sexual Health Expert

Men’s sexual problems must be treated to continue a normal sexual life, and to improve self-confidence and relieve anxiety and depression; so don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our sexual health expert dr. Fouad El Khoury who will be able to find the appropriate treatment to avoid living in a sexual taboo.

Don’t hesitate to ask and meet our experts, because a healthy life makes you happy.

Let your health be a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do urologists treat both males and females?

The urologist treats:
– Urinary and kidney stone problems in men and women,
– Prostate problems, and sexual dysfunctions in men.

Many people often associate urologists with male health conditions; but in fact there are several conditions that require a woman to consult a urologist.

When you should book an appointment with the urologist?

There are several reasons for seeing an urologist:

– Urinary incontinence.
– Difficulty or pain while urinating.
– Blood in urine.
– Pain in your lower stomach or groin region.
– Frequent urination.
-Reasons related to men: erectile dysfunction, low libido, penile or testicular abnormalities, infertility, and circumcision.

Is it normal for a young man to have erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more common among older men; but sometimes a young man can have an erection problem for several physical and psychological causes.

ED is a problem that needs to be diagnosed correctly to continue a normal sexual life; so every man with an erectile dysfunction should visit his urologist to discuss which treatment is best for him.

How can i keep my urinary system healthy?

– Drink a lot of water.
– Eat healthy: Low sodium, high-calcium foods may prevent kidney stones.
Women should always wipe the right way (front to back).
Practice safe sex: protect yourself from an sexually transmitted infections (STI) with a condom. 
– Do pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises) to reduce your risk of urinary incontinence by strengthening the muscles in your pelvic floor.