No matter how civilized we become, deep down inside, we are all animals. And, the way we bring forth our animalistic needs is by our sexual instincts. Now, you might think that celebrities and famous personalities won’t have weird sexual kinks and fetishes that a normal human being would have. But, in reality, they are also humans and thus, they also have sexual kinks and fetishes.


However, because of their huge persona, these celebrities always try to keep a low key on their sex life. They want to be as discrete as possible when it comes to their sex life. But, the will not stop paparazzi from capturing shots of celebrities that will create a media scandal. Most of these shots are sexual and these risqué incidences drive people crazy.

But, after some time, the tide goes down; nobody will remember those incidences and life will move on at a steady pace. However, if you search, you will find many such juicy sex scandals all over the internet. So, which are the most notable incidences that you should search for? In this article, we have accumulated such sex scandals that you should know about.

Rihanna: The Sub

There are a lot of Rihanna fans out there who worship her for her amazing voice. But, do you know that this amazing singer has a kink. She loves to be submissive in bed. She admitted this in 2011 in an interview. According to that interview, Rihanna believes that being a submissive liberates her and gives her a sense of freedom. In her life, she takes a lot of decisions on her own. So, she likes when someone else makes the decisions for her.


Miley: The Foreplay Bombshell

Miley Cyrus is one name that is constantly coming up in almost every article about celebrities and sex. So, you might also end up searching for her playboy porn videos. Look, in a podcast, Miley said that she doesn’t like foreplay and wants to start pounding from the beginning. And, if she wants to have foreplay, then it will be with a girl. She also went on to say that when it comes to sex, she is ready to do anything and she loves sex.

Paris Hilton: The Sex Tape

Perhaps, the one porn video that ruined a career and created a huge scandal in the Hollywood industry is the Paris Hilton sex tape. You can still find that video on various sites to watch sex videos free. She was with her then-boyfriend Rick Solomon at that time and it was a huge scandal. Nowadays, celebrities having sex tapes leaked are a common thing. But, back then, it wasn’t that common and now, people don’t even remember Paris Hilton. And, that sex tape literally ruined what could’ve been a successful career.

Kim Kardashian: The Sex Tape

You may like Kardashians, you may dislike Kardashians, but one thing is for sure, you cannot ignore Kardashians. Yes, they are always on the news. Now, you have heard how the sex tape of Paris Hilton ruined her career. However, there is one 18+ video that made a girl, a celebrity. Yes, we are talking about Kim Kardashian and her sex tape. And, if you love watching porn videos, watching Kim’s sex tape will be much more enjoyable than watching the Paris Hilton sex tape.

Kris and Cara: Joining the Mile-High Club

Having sex 30,000 feet high up in the sky has been a wish for many. But, there are very few people who can join the esteemed Mile-High club. However, you should know that many celebrities are a member of this fictitious club. Two celebrities who openly admitted to being a part of the Mile-High club are Cara Delebigne and Kris Jenner. Celebrities doing on the aeroplanes will encourage a lot of people to do the same as well.

Final Thoughts

Finally, these were some of the biggest sex scandals that you can find on the internet. When they did happen, they were the headlines of various media sources. Therefore, reliving those scandals on the internet will be fun and juicy, something any curious mind would want to have.