Laparoscopic right adrenalectomy of a large 8cm tumor compressing the Vena Cava. After dissection and isolation of adrenal gland from vital surrounding structures mainly the Vena Cava, hand assisted technique was used at the end in order to detach the adrenal from the posterior bed.

Adrenal tumor removal by laparoscopic approach has been shown to be as effective as traditional open surgeries with the major advantage of early recovery, shorter hospital stay, less post-operative pain and more favorable cosmetic results.

In this particular case, Aorto Cava space dissection was carefully performed, making sure the posterior Vena Cava is completely tumor free, thus avoiding major bleeding from Vena Cava or perforating lumbar veins.

In this clip, Dr Fouad Khoury demonstrates a laparoscopic right adrenalectomy for a large adrenal tumor compressing the Vena Cava.


For another challenging procedure on the contra-lateral side, please visit the following link to watch the laparoscopic removal of 7.5 cm left adrenal tumor.